Since 2015, Canada has welcomed 30,000 Syrian newcomers. Most of our new Canadian neighbors have experienced intense trauma and separation from loved ones. In response to the needs to settle Syrian families in an inclusive and inviting way, the provincial governments have created teams across the country to enable communities the inclusion of Syrians.

The Vancouver Island Refugee Response Team (VIRRT) is one of the many teams initiated and enforced by the BC Provincial Government. VIRRT was created to address the urgent, the short-term, the long-term needs for Syrian refugees coming to Vancouver Island.

The most important needs that we have identified are:

1. Housing affordability

2. Access to language instruction

3. Culturally sensitive healthcare services

4. Meaningful employment.

If you are a stakeholder, private sponsor or settlement worker, please explore this site for resources and connect to our partners so that Syrian families can be assisted in your community.