Immigrant Entrepreneurship

DIY: Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Doing it for Themselves 
Key Words: entrepreneurship, language skills, community development, successful business

A report published by the North York Community House gives ample research and statistics of what immigrant entrepreneurs need in establishing their own businesses and the positive production that immigrants and their businesses can make for the community. English language skills are the biggest barrier when immigrants want to start their own businesses. By enabling new entrepreneurs with the correct skills and support, business innovation can be successful.

AMSAA: Immigrant Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
Key Words: immigrant business, economic benefits, facilitating new business, models for success

The Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agreements of BC (AMSAA) has formulated a quick reference sheet with statistics of immigrant entrepreneurship and their contribution to Canada’s economy. Resources for settlement and processes of how to help integrate new business for immigrants are all listed. A great resource if you are enabling immigrants to begin their own businesses.

Winning Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Five Communities
Key Words: immigration trends, barriers, best practices, training programs, community development

The City of Hamilton has created an exhaustive resource for information regarding immigrant entrepreneurship. As researched within five different communities, the report exposes the barriers that immigrants face, along with financial institutions and their credit resources to new businesses. This is an effective resource for anyone seeking to create their own business or help an immigrant’s business succeed. The report includes success stories, statistics and an abundance of best practices for any interested party.

Starting a Business for BC Newcomers
Key Words: start-up VISA program, economic networking, grants/wage subsidies

Canada is known to be the fifth most-popular country to start new businesses. The Vancouver Public Library compiled a list of resources, question-and-answer responses and statistics to help new immigrant entrepreneurs or small business. The report includes many links to government wage and subsidy information, license explanation and VISA information. A great tool for anyone trying to start a new business or help a new business succeed. 

Policies to Support Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Key Words: local market, business-support, public partnership, private business policies

Immigrant Entrepreneurship has grown steadily over the last decade. Forbes magazine recently reported that over 40% of Fortune 500 Companies were founded by first and/or second generation immigrants (click here). The Migration Policy Institute’s most recent report showcases policies and practices needed in order for immigrant entrepreneurship to succeed. Immigrant entrepreneurs increase help communities develop and cause local economies to profit. This extensive report features important facts and figures that showcase the benefits and overarching reasoning to support immigrants and their businesses. A great resource for anyone unfamiliar with immigrant entrepreneurship or new to starting new businesses.

Employment Discussions

Fraser Valley Refugee Response Team Employment Facilitated Discussions

This report was made by the Fraser Valley Refugee Response Team and features highlights of a discussion panel with employers surrounding the fear and hesitancy to hire Syrian refugees. This is a great resource to address the barriers Syrians might face on the job, how to integrate Syrian employees with non-Syrian employees and suggests helpful tools to make the integration of refugees easier.