Cultural Awareness and Competence Resources

Care for Newcomer Children

(key words: parenting, newcomer, Syrian refugee children)

The Care for Newcomer Children Canada guide provides a historical examination on the Syrian conflict and the current status of Syrian family integration within Canada. This report exposes cultural norms and offers a variety of resources to connect with Syrian parents and their children.

Vancouver Immigrant Youth Blog

(key words: story, youth, Syrian, refugee, immigrant)

This site offers many stories from immigrant and refugee youths that have integrated in Vancouver, BC. Stories about their integration, fears, experiences, and successes are great tools for helping educators understand the struggle of immigrant and refugee students.

Global Affairs Canada – Syria: An Overview

(key words: culture, Syria, history, cultural practices)

Global Affairs Canada offers an overview of Syrian culture, history, religions, family dynamics and much more surrounding the people from Syria.

Cultural Orientation Resource Center – Refugees from Syria

(key words: history, beliefs, customs, economy)

 This site offers another cultural overview of Syrian Refugees, their cultural norms, belief systems, family practices and perceptions of the world around them. This is a very helpful resource for cultural sensitivity awareness.

Population Profile: Syrian Refugees

(key words: Syrian communities, asylum, refugee, Canada)

Compiled by the Government of Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Department, this report includes the demographics of refugees coming to Canada, the Syrian communities that have been established all over Canada, the ethnic groups of refugees and much more helpful information to provide a comprehensive understanding of Syrian newcomers.

War Child Canada

(key words: war, conflict, refugees, gender, education)

A Canadian NGO specifically working for and with children from war-torn countries (i.e. Syria, Sudan, etc.). Good stories and insight to the ongoing crisis for children and the lack of educational resources.

Newcomer Youth: Challenges and Strengths

(key words: identity development, mental health, community, advocacy)

Created by the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Services Agency (AMSSA), this informational sheet breaks down the challenges that newcomer youth are facing as they settle into BC. With 34% of newcomers under the age of 25, this sheet illuminates ways to help newcomer youth in their inter-generational conflicts,  in their adjustment to new school structures, in their support of handling peer pressure, and adjusting to their new Canadian home.

Climate Migrants: Examining Cumulative Health Impacts

(key words: migration refugee, resettlement, cumulative health, environmental migrant)

A recent research article which exposes how climate change can affect the health of migrants who have fled ecological hardship. The article not only addresses physical climate changes but cultural changes as well. A great resource and fresh perspective on how change greatly affects the health and well-being of migrants.